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Binary editor 9.0 is ready, it have a lot of new features, take a look.

  • Complete ascii, hex and bin translator.
  • Hex and binary edit mode.
  • MSWindows and MSDOS text mode.
  • Shell extensions.
  • Bit invert mode
  • Special replace
  • Base 64
  • Md5
  • No file attribs permissions restrictions
  • No dir permissions restrictions (Windows)
  • Edit the file time
  • Binary copy
  • URL Open
  • URL Encode/Decode
  • LowerCase/Uppercase Convertion
  • Edit file atributes
  • Edit file owner
  • Edit dirs!
  • Bits functions
  • Text color function
  • Char color function
  • Ultrafast functions
  • Path extensions.
  • It run in Linux (using wine)
  • Unix mode optimization
  • Recursive chown for dirs (Windows)
  • Binary search engine
  • Binary editor file points
  • Auto save
  • Ascii copy
Download it now

Binary editor is a powerfull editor to can edit all type of binary files like exe, dll, ocx, etc.
Binary editor is 100% freeware.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at support@binaryeditor.com.ar